What Is Walmart Pay?

Posted: April 10, 2018 | Updated: December 6, 2022

Mobile pay continues to rise in popularity with a number of options like Android Pay, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay that make it easy to pay with your phone. Walmart recently entered the credit card processing field with its own mobile payment processing solution called Walmart Pay.
Walmart Pay is available in over 4,600 Walmart locations around the world and it’s different than any other payment system available today. It only works at Walmart locations and basically works like a QR code reader. Here’s what you should know about this new way to pay at your local Walmart.How Does Walmart Pay Work?
Walmart Pay isn’t a separate payment processing system; it’s a feature in the Walmart app that allows you to make secure payments with a mobile device at Walmart. The app works with Android and iOS devices. After setting up an account with your preferred payment method, you can launch the Walmart app and use Walmart Pay to complete your payment at checkout.A unique QR code will be displayed on the credit card machine at checkout. After launching Walmart Pay through the app, you will need to enter your PIN or biometric ID for additional security. Hold your phone over the QR code on the self-checkout screen or card reader to sync with Apple Pay.

What Does Walmart Pay Have to Offer?
With so many payment options available today, what makes Walmart Pay stand out? It actually offers a few perks that may encourage Walmart shoppers to use the app for more than refilling prescriptions, comparing prices, and checking in-store inventory.

One perk of Walmart Pay is it automatically sends an eReceipt to the app. You can review your itemized eReceipts through the app under your account’s purchase history. This makes it easy to track your spending, return purchases, or store receipts for tax purposes without worrying about losing the paper copy.

You can even submit your eReceipts to Savings Checker right after you use Walmart Pay. If a local competitor has a lower advertised price for something you bought at Walmart, you will get an eGift card that you can redeem on your next trip to Walmart. Your Savings Catcher rewards will be automatically redeemed the next time you pay with Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay can also be linked with many payment methods. While you can’t directly link a checking account, you can link major credit and debit cards, Walmart gift cards, prepaid cards, and Chase Pay.

According to Walmart, there are already 20 million Walmart Pay users, almost 90% of which are repeat users of the payment app. Walmart Pay is an interesting addition to the mobile payment line-up, but it won’t remain the only proprietary payment platform for long. Target is also developing its own mobile payment app that will be released within the next year.

This new payment option also comes after the mobile payment service CurrentC was dropped. The payment service, backed by Walmart, Target, and other retailers, was designed as a competitor to Apple Pay but never got off the ground. Retailers had hoped that CurrentC would help them avoid transaction fees associated with merchant services as the app allowed transactions to bypass Mastercard, Visa, and American Express networks.

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