4 Ways Point of Sale Can Improve Your Business

April 4, 2018

A POS system, or point of sale, offered by merchant services providers, refers to a combination of hardware and software that enables merchants to centralize business operations. An up to date point of sale system, such as Bonsai Point of Sale workstation simplifies day to day functions.

It is designed with speed and efficiency in mind so it makes work faster and easier. It is operated by the main computer and linked to several checkout terminals. Here are four tips on how a point of sale can improve your business;

1. Inventory Management

Proper management of your inventory ensures few lost items and enables you to keep track of the items sales while monitoring how fast or slow an item is selling. Point of sale system is a step up from the use of cash registers in the case of inventory management.

With POS, you don’t have to be worried about how much inventory you have as it keeps track of all the inventory in all business locations. Access this system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

2. Integrated system

An up to date integrated point of sale system enables business owners to go mobile. The owner can, therefore, work from home and even work when the internet is down. With an integrated system, all locations sync to a centralized database. This ensures all your information is in one place, secure, and up to date. An integrated POS reduces human error and therefore increases accuracy ultimately making business easier.

3. Payroll management and time tracking

A POS system is essential to an employer in payment processing and tracking their employees’ working hours in order to pay them accordingly. Using POS, time clocks are regulated such that an employee clocks in and out using a secured pin allowing the employer to keep track of the exact working hours thus making payments easier. It calculates the hours worked, the rates and the employee’s deduction, giving the ability to process each employee’s payslips easily.

4. Reporting

The point of sale system allows the employer to monitor the trends in the business. It provides custom reports on sales, employees’ time, and inventory among others. See trends, averages, and comparisons giving you the tools you need to optimize your business. Restaurant analytics include table seating data, table turnover times, rush analysis and real-time operating costs vs real time profits.

Reporting is important as it enables the business owner to improve their business, prevent future mistakes, proactively avoid problems, save time, and cut out unnecessary operation costs and thus improving the business. Reporting also provides the owner with daily reports on revenue.

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