Android Pay and Google Wallet Merge Creating Google Pay

January 18, 2018

android pay and google wallet merge to create google payAndroid Pay is no more. On January 8, Google announced that it will combine Google Wallet and Android Pay under a single brand called Google Pay. This move will merge all of the ways to send payments and make purchases with Google into a single product.
Prior to this merge, Google’s payment system was a bit confusing. Android Pay was used to complete transactions in checkout lines while Google Wallet was for sending money to friends or by using the Chrome autofill feature to complete online purchases. Combining the services offers a more consistent experience for consumers shopping online, in-store, and through mobile apps.

The new system makes it easier for consumers to use saved payment information for a faster checkout. Google Pay will appear online, in-store, and across other Google products in the coming weeks. Right now, it’s available on Fandango, Airbnb, and a handful of other websites and apps.

This news comes as Google pushes to make its payment system available everywhere. In fall 2017, Google announced it would speed up the online checkout process when Google is used as a mobile wallet.

For business owners, the change will be simple: the name “Google Pay” will appear when a customer uses their phone at the checkout, purchases something online, or sends money for services. While this is largely just a functional change, it’s overdue. The separation of the services was arbitrary and led to confusion for consumers. Apple’s system with Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash has always been straightforward in comparison.


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