Shake Shack Goes Cashless

October 10, 2017

Shakeshack goes Cashless
How and Why Shake Shack is Opening Cashless Burger Joints

Just when the world thought buzzers were the most cutting-edge ideas of the food industry, Shake Shack, a burger joint based in New York City, decided to try something different and innovative.

They will be opening a cashless Shake Shack New York City at Astor Place with the implementation of cashless kiosks, credit card machines that allow online ordering of food.

In today’s fast food restaurant chains, the companies of the fast food industry understand the importance of getting the job done right and getting paid for the services accurately and swiftly. Through careful payment processing set ups via carefully selected merchant services, credit and debit cards as well as cash have been the main methods of payment.

Fortunately, Shake Shack may have found the groundbreaking innovation that may revolutionize how they run their restaurants. The good news is they won’t have to look elsewhere for merchant services, as the payment processing won’t change at all.

NYC Shakeshack Kiosk goes cashlessCustomers will be able to send their orders straight to the kitchen to eliminate ‘friction time,’ according to CEO Randy Garutti.

This is an innovative experiment for Shake Shack that makes the payment process much easier and quicker for both the customer and the cash handler. Shake Shack’s kiosks are based on the user experience already created for their mobile ordering app, available for iOS and Android. This also means customers won’t need the app to order food. They can simply access the on-site kiosk to make an order.

When the food is ready, customers will receive a text.

Considering its level of innovation and the ease of payment processing, the new Shake Shack is said to have a starting pay of $15 an hour, as they are searching for the best talent. These workers will be called ‘Hospitality Champions’.

These kiosks are totally cashless. By putting emphasis on online ordering, credit and debit cards will become the main form of payment.

This is an amazing opportunity for merchant services, as their reliability in delivering the services they promised will be put to the test.

This new cashless location will be the playgrounds for testing new innovations before applying them universally.

Being cashless means all customers will not be able to use cash. Luckily, Shake Shack may be able to pull it off, as many customers and tourists have access to electronic forms of payment anyways.

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