Goldman Sachs Interested in Bitcoin Trading

October 9, 2017

Goldman Sachs Bitcoin
Is Goldman Sachs About To Take The Plunge Into Bitcoin?

Something as flashy and relatively new to the scene as Bitcoin may not be the first thing you would imagine a company like Goldman Sachs getting themselves involved with. However, they may yet still have a few surprises up their sleeves. Recently, Goldman Sachs has hinted at the idea that they are looking to help their customers with Bitcoin. In other words, they are likely about to start trading in Bitcoin to some degree.

What This Means For Merchant Services

There are already many in the financial world questioning what it means for all the rest of us that Goldman Sachs has made such a bold announcement. Are we about to see them dive full boar into the world of accepting payments via Bitcoin? That much is still a little too far off to see, but we do know that this is yet another sign that merchant services are changing rapidly in today’s world.

Changing The Game

Bitcoin accepted hereMany first heard the news of how Bitcoin was changing the game for merchant services when they read about how Starbucks would begin to accept payments via Bitcoin for their delicious caffeinated beverages.

Starbucks is a brand that when they make a move, people take notice. Obviously, credit card processing is still a larger part of the business that Starbucks and most other retailers do, but no one can honestly deny at this point that Bitcoin is creeping into the market.

Goldman Sachs Getting More Serious About Bitcoin

It seems like, nearly every day now, there is a technology that comes along that people think can will change the world. So many, in fact, that most people brush the new technology off until it catches momentum. It is therefore not stunning that Goldman Sachs and others did not initially take Bitcoin all that seriously. The idea that credit card processing could be upended by a currency that exists only in cyberspace sounded more like science fiction than reality. However, now the currency has changed the payments game forever, and Wall Street giants are starting to take notice.

Goldman Sachs is still the leader in looking at this currency as a serious contender for something that they want to be involved with, but it is likely that others will follow suit at some point. Goldman is so often ahead of competitors when it comes to identifying the next big thing. That is probably the case yet again with this currency.

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