Online Dating Users Scammed Out of Millions

September 2, 2016

Dating sites pervade the Internet. This is nothing new. In fact, they have been around and in use almost since the World Wide Web became a global sensation. Scammers and fraudsters pervade society. This is also nothing new. What is new is that they have moved mainstream and have become more technological and innovative in their approach. These individuals have morphed together with online dating sites to create quite a problem. The new adage has become ‘If she sounds too good to be true, then click the ignore button.’ Sadly, too may are not heeding attention to this warning, resulting in more than a few online dating users being scammed out of millions.

Bad Online Behavior Abounds
Much of this problem arises from individuals hiding behind their computer screen to commit crimes. People who might otherwise never commit such crimes face to face now feel empowered and emboldened by their ability to swindle people out of their hard earned money without ever having to meet them. They become fraudsters in the truest sense. These are not just people across the globe we are talking about either. They are everyday people down the street. In fact, they might not even be women at all, as these scammers are true masters of disguise. They can be whoever the individual at the other end of the computer connection wants them to be.

Beware and Avoid Becoming the Next Victim
Online romance fraud affects nearly every type of individual. For some, the feeling of desperation and loneliness has become so bad that they want to believe the other person behind their online dating experience really does love them. They are willing to fork over thousands of dollars in order to fulfill this void. Still others are in a happily committed relationship already, yet they find something intriguing about having their own online persona. They can act out their wildest fantasies without anybody knowing about it. Then, fate steps in and scammers and fraudsters who know exactly how to play upon their emotions hoodwink them in.

Do not become the new victim of an online romance scam. Dating sites are working diligently to protect their customers, but individual vigilance is required here. Do not be afraid to meet others using this Internet revolution, but be cautious at the same time. If the other person sounds too good to be true, they probably are!

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