Speeding up Chip Card Checkout Times with Visa

August 24, 2016

Over the last couple of years, more retailers and providers of merchant services in the United States have been settling into the new Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) credit card processing system. As EMV acceptance expands, business owners will start to see more technology upgrades offered by through their merchant services providers.

One current quirk of chip card acceptance is that shoppers believe it takes too long in comparison to the old magnetic stripe system that enabled the swipe transaction. Current EMV implementations do not allow swiping; instead, shoppers have to insert their cards into the credit card processing terminals and wait for the processes of verification and authorization to be completed.

Quick Chip, a new EMV technology improvement by Visa, which is starting to make its way to select merchants, aims to make transactions smoother at the register. With Quick Chip, chip card acceptance will be vastly improved for Visa chip card holders.

In essence, Quick Chip speeds up the checkout process for the benefit of shoppers and business owners. This new merchant services upgrade allows shoppers to insert their cards into the terminal and wait just one or two seconds. Upon receiving acknowledgment, shoppers can retrieve their cards and put them away in their wallets, purses or pockets.

To a certain extent, the Visa Quick Chip emulates the swipe transactions of yesteryear, which were very satisfying for both store clerks and consumers. With this upgrade, which rolled out in select California stores in late July, the crucial check out experience speeds up considerably for the purpose of making shoppers happier.

A very advantageous aspect of Quick Chip is that it can be rapidly implemented. The first installation in California was a network of chip card terminals at a chain of grocery stores with seven locations. In only one week, the new system was running flawlessly.

When it comes to credit card processing, speed is of the essence. The Quick Chip system comes at a time when shoppers at major metropolitan areas have noticed that lines at the cash register are getting longer and moving slower due to the new chip card systems. This could be a good argument in favor of near field communications (NFC) payment systems and smartphone wallets, but this transition will take a while. For the time being, solutions such as Visa Quick Chip are the kind of technology upgrades that merchants and shoppers are looking for.

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