New Methods for Nonprofits to Accept Donations

July 28, 2016

The only means of sustenance for nonprofit organizations is the money they receive from a variety of sources. Because many NGOs want to maintain neutrality and independence in operations, they do not accept corporate funding. They therefore depend solely on funding sources such as road side stands, races and fairs to raise funds for operations. These traditional methods of raising funds posed a limitation to cash as the only acceptable method of receiving payments. With the growing demand for more digital modes of payment instead of paper cash, many nonprofit organizations are seeking new ways they can receive cash digitally.

Beyond the tradition

There are several digital tools through which nonprofits receive charity donations. These fundraising tools raise millions for the nonprofit industry every year. Even though it may be difficult for some NGOs to accept digital payments due to governmental regulations or lack of online banking infrastructure, the digital modes of receiving charity donations remain an emerging trend. This is because these tools are easy to use and are affordable at every level of fundraising to the NGOs. The digital tools for raising charity funds allow nonprofit organizations to reach a large number of donors simultaneously. It also allows flexibility and ease for both the donors and the NGOs. With these systems, one can donate with just a simple click of a button. These methods of fundraising are the best for a century which is characterized by convenience.

DipJar technology

One of the key technologies that seek to provide nonprofit organizations with more convenient ways of accepting charity donations is DipJar. DipJar is a platform which has been designed in a way that facilitates at-the-spot payments and enables a person to donate even when he or she is not holding cash at that moment.


FirstGiving was specifically designed to aid nonprofit organizations. This digital tool for receiving charity donations can be used together with other donation tools such as CRM, CMS, donor management, and social media. FirstGiving enables the nonprofit organization to receive online donations. It also provides an option for managing direct donations and the opportunity to interact with the donors.

PayPal donations

PayPal is another means of receiving donor funds from around the world. It also helps nonprofits to gather information about donors who donate through PayPal so that they can contact them subsequently for further discussions.

The way forward

Moving from the traditional ways of fundraising to the new, modern ways of fundraising or to adopt a combination of both will provide the nonprofit organization with more sources for funding. Other networks such as the Good DonateNow Lite, google wallet, and others provide suitable and convenient platforms on which nonprofit organizations can receive charitable donations. Online fundraising is becoming the order of the day. This is due to the fact that it provides more convenience and ease in raising funds. It also projects the nonprofit organization to the view of several donors.

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