Here Comes CoinSummit!

March 25, 2014

Today marks the start of CoinSummit San Francisco, a two-day event ”connecting virtual currency entrepreneurs, angel and VC investors, hedge fund professionals and others who are looking to learn and network in the virtual currency industry.” CoinSummit will take place on March 25-26 2014 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  Many in the bitcoin community have been waiting for this event for a while.

The event with feature notable entities in the virtual currency community that include Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz, Brian Armstrong of Coinbase, Nic Cary of, and Tony Gallippi of BitPay.

The Official Merchant Services Blog has been tapped into the ongoing saga of Bitcoin since this article in November — delving into the fascinating gimmick of Bitcoin mining. Traversing the ups and downs of this unstable and chaotic currency led to the crazy month of February and then the fall of Mt. Gox. Since that fateful day, the virtual currency industry has been scrambling. And now we have this much anticipated summit of industry experts discussing the details and potential future of BitCoin and its competitors.


Don’t Miss a Moment of the Action

For those interested, a live stream of the event begins at 9 AM Eastern time today, and can be viewed here.

Points of Interest

So some of the things we’ll be hoping the Summit delves into are: The Mt. Gox crisis, its aftermath and the future of the currency exchange. Of course industry insiders are all going to be sharing their thoughts, rants and frustrations about MtGox. Many will be raging about the losses incurred by the public and so many bitcoiners, and how badly Mark Karpeles has handled this debacle. But more importantly the issue of malleability will be explained and also how the currency and its exchanges can survive well into the future.

Which leads right into the fact that the crisis didn’t imply a complete price crash for BTC, even after hundreds of millions of dollars in permanent losses. How will exchanges guaranty transparency? Audits? Open balance sheets? These are critical issues if Bitcoin is to be adopted by mass markets. So let’s hope the summit dives right into the answers for those questions.

And then there’s the heavyweight presence to consider. The “big 4″ (Coinbase,, Bitstamp, and BitPay) will all be present at this summit through its founders. Let’s see if the industry leaders explain their current strategies and growth trends.

The competitors also have some spotlight. Ripple, DogeCoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum will be pitching the advantage of alternative options, but also talking about the future of Bitcoin through smart contracts and smart property, two functionalities many think will catapult BTC prices to new levels.

That’s a quick roundup of what to expect at CoinSummit San Francisco.


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