October 25, 2013

Apple’s recent software update includes a new product called the iCloud Keychain. With the feature, consumers can save sensitive information in a secure online file. Specifically, Keychain will save passwords and credit card information for all of their Apple devices. The program also helps Internet users create safer passwords.  Given the new functionality allowing users to store credit card data and synchronize with the cloud, we thought this functionality would be of particular interest to our customers and blog readers.

Keychain Details 
The Keychain service operates on Safari in iOS as well as OS X Mavericks. Once it has helped a consumer select a secure password, it will store the information and synchronize it to the consumer’s iOS and Mac units.  The software upgrade also makes credit card processing easier for consumers as Keychain saves the user’s credit card number and expiration date. To abide by MasterCard and Visa regulations, the program is unable to store the Card Verification Value, or CVV, code.


As a result, consumers will still need to input this information manually. Users should keep in mind that the software can only operate in Safari on Mac. Therefore, users of Chrome or FireFox will need to use a different password storage provider. In addition, consumers must have the iOS 7 upgrade installed on their devices. Installation Overview  While installing the OS X Mavericks upgrade, the system will automatically ask the user if he or she would like to establish iCloud Keychain. When the user approves the setup, the program will direct him or her through the security key creating and linking process. If consumers prefer to establish the program manually, then they can access Keychain through the iCloud settings screen on a Mac device. Once a user has accessed the program, he or she will need to enter the password information manually into the system for the Apple program to save it. Keep in mind that other devices can be added to the program. However, the system will require approval for each extra unit. Once Keychain receives authorization, it will automatically begin updating on that unit. If a user decides to remove Keychain from his or her device, then the cancelation procedure is easy to complete. To remove the program, just click on the settings option and turn off the “Approve with Security Code” feature. Users who change their mind can easily reactivate the program.
Keychain Offers Convenience  Credit card processing is easier for consumers who have Keychain on their iOS and Mac devices. The Apple program is secure and helps users create better passwords to safeguard sensitive information. Keychain is a system feature that provides extra security and overall convenience.

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