iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on HMSPay

September 24, 2013

Apple recently set a new record as it sold over nine million new iPhones in one weekend. The new offerings consisted of two related yet distinct models. Both phones figure prominently in an exciting new narrative for mobile credit card processing. The iPhone 5S is a prestige model with solid glass and aluminum construction. Though the affordable iPhone 5C uses a plastic build, it is still a trendsetting phone with powerful features.

With the continual growth of the iPhone phenomenon, iPhone payments will become even more important for competitive business development. Support for the new iPhone 5S and 5C is critical for meeting the demands of mobile-focused modern consumers. Host Merchant Services’ mobile payment solution includes full support for both new models of the iPhone. Companies using HMSPay to support iPhone payments can better cater to tech-savvy mobile consumers. Practical for businesses of all sizes, HMSPay is easy to use, affordable and completely secure.

In many respects, HMSPay is a new and different way to accept credit cards. Upon receiving their mobile card swiper devices, HMSPay clients can start processing iPhone 5S and 5C transactions within minutes. This service boasts sophisticated features, exceeding those of any counter-top dial terminals. Realizing that security is all-important for cloud-based mobile payments, HMS encrypts all transactions to fully meet PCI-DSS compliance standards. These are the standards set by Visa and MasterCard to ensure that merchants can accept credit cards without exposing themselves and consumers to needless risk.

With such cutting edge technologies, one might expect HMS to charge steep rates for its mobile payments solution. In truth, HMS sets a new standard for transparent, reasonable processing costs. HMS customers enjoy month-to-month service, honest billing and the processor’s remarkable Best Price Guarantee.

Most iPhone 5S owners are forward-thinking individuals interested in faster, more secure mobile transactions. Merchants who accept iPhone payments act as ambassadors for a new era of efficient, high-tech commerce. Whatever their specific products may be, companies that keep up with changing payments technology can easily set themselves apart from their competitors. Host Merchant Services is committed to supporting the development of cutting-edge payment systems for the hard-working entrepreneurs.

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