February 16, 2013

Mobile Payment Processing

In modern business, those businesses without a mobile device card reader are missing out on substantial income. Anyone who sells merchandise or services on site will benefit from mobile payment processing through a card reader attachment. Customers are currently paying via mobile devices at a rate of $240 billion annually, and this figure is expected to increase substantially in the coming years.

Landscapers, caterers, repairmen, or anyone who deals with customers outside of their shop or office will benefit from a mobile device payment system. The system is perfect for those attending trade shows or other networking functions.

Cards vs. Cash or Check

Due to the ballooning use of credit cards and debit cards, people do not carry cash like they did in the past. Customers are more likely to spend more with a credit or debit card, because they have immediate access to more resources than the cash they have on hand. Checks must be deposited and there must be sufficient funds for the check to clear. The physical trip to the bank, as well as waiting for the check to clear, takes time and resources away from the business owner.

On the other hand, mobile payment processing insures immediate payment from the customer. The money is electronically deposited into the business owner’s account. An email receipt can be sent directly to the customer for payment. There is an immediate electronic record of the transaction for the merchant.

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Initial Investment for Mobile Payment Processing is Small

Some are hesitant because they believe there is large start-up costs or expensive equipment to purchase. Most likely, the small business already has the equipment needed. All it takes is an iPhone or Android smartphone. There is no expensive or bulky card reader to carry around. The reading device is provided free of charge to the merchant.A small device attaches directly to the phone, and an app is downloaded into the phone. The merchant is then ready to accept mobile payments. All the equipment used can be attached to the merchant’s belt. The service is compatible with both iPhone and android software and can be used with all types of mobile calling services, including Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks.A reputable mobile processing service will provide state of the art security for the transaction, ensuring proper encryption of the process. The system can be argued to be safer than carrying large amounts of cash or checks on the merchant’s person.

Costs of Mobile Processing

The merchant pays a small percentage of the payment for the cost of the service, often less than 3% of the payment. The small percentage per transaction far outweighs the lost income the merchant suffers. Increased sales means increased profits. Without the cost of equipment purchases, the small fees for the service become even more attractive.

There is no longer any reason for the mobile merchant to remain in 20th century technology for payment processing. Adding another function to their iPhone or Android allows them to use state of the art technology at little cost.

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