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January 30, 2013

The Official Merchant Services Blog would like to announce that Host Merchant Services has now added next-day funding to their already impressive line of services. Merchant services customers appreciate getting their deposits the next business day, as this is critical for funding payroll and inventory purchases for the week.

Merchants can now expect funding for MasterCard, Visa, and Discover transactions by the next business day, rather than within 48-72 hours, as is customary for other processors. All HMS Merchants can qualify. HMS long-term merchants will attain next-day funding, immediately upon request.

A merchant who currently has two day funding for example, would not see the money from a transaction processed at noon on a Monday, until Wednesday morning at the earliest, creating a 48-hour delay that could be the source of a merchants’ cash flow dilemma.

Any merchant that processes with Host Merchant Services and batches, or settles their terminal regularly in the evening, will receive those funds in their bank account by the next business day. Batching is the end-of-day or end-of-shift process in which the merchant balances and submits transactions for clearing and settlement. This allows executives to make quicker business decisions that impact their bottom line, as well as increase cash flow for the business.

Host Merchant Services Image of Credit Card being swiped through a processing terminal.

Merchants should beware however that not all next day funding programs are created equal. While many companies claim to offer next day funding, merchant account providers have different capabilities and requirements resulting in very different times for fund dispersal.

Next day funding can benefit particular types of merchants like restaurants, principally when it comes to those that have heavy weekend volumes. For these merchants, next day funding can help them gain their weekend proceeds faster so they can be used to fund payroll and inventory purchases for the week. These restaurants would get their deposit for Friday, Saturday and Sunday activity on Monday instead of Tuesday, which is a very big cash flow benefit.

Host Merchant Services is always looking for ways to make it easier and more convenient to do business as well as provide added value in accelerating the growth of companies. With next day funding Host is enabling small business owners to improve their cash flow with faster funding of dollars earned through credit card sales. This corresponds with HMS’s ongoing goal to provide quality payment transactions solutions at the best price to merchants across the United States. Contact Host Merchant Services now to save money on your processing fees, as well as see your money a full day earlier than with other processors.

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