Industry Terms: AVS

September 11, 2012

This is the latest installment in The Official Merchant Services Blog’s Knowledge Base effort. We want to make the payment processing industry’s terms and buzzwords clear. We want to remove any and all confusion merchants might have about how the industry works. Host Merchant Services promises: the company delivers personal service and clarity. So we’re going to take some time to explain how everything works. This ongoing series is where we define industry related terms and slowly build up a knowledge base and as we get more and more of these completed, we’ll collect them in our resource archive for quick and easy access. Today’s term is the Address Verification System, or AVS.

The system was designed by card issuers to aid in the detection of suspicious credit card transaction activity, and verify that the cardholder’s address info matches what the banks have on file. The service is provided as part of a credit card authorization for mail order/telephone order transactions (MOTO) or Internet e-commerce transactions.  A code is received with an authorization result that determines the level of accuracy of the address match. This verification helps secure the most favorable interchange rates for the merchant.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express support this service, and when paired with a CVV confirmation the result is a secure, verified transaction. To verify a customer’s address, a merchant will need the cardholder’s billing ZIP code and the house or apartment number of the billing address.  The merchant does not need to enter in the street, city or state of the cardholder.  While AVS is not intended for use as absolute protection against suspicious transaction activity, it is an important step in securing non-face-to-face transactions. Host Merchant Services recommends to all merchants that they secure these types of orders with both AVS and CVV.

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