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May 18, 2012

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog is just going to offer a quick update on some services Host Merchant Services provides directly for its current customers. Today our site launched a page for our current merchants to go to in order to access online assistance services. There are currently two:


We’ve pushed our PCI Compliance Initiative for quite some time now. Host Merchant Services goal is to make it easy for our customers to stay PCI Compliant. The details of the PCI Compliance Initiative are:

  • A Free PCI Compliance Analysis of your business by HMS.
  • A Free PCI Compliance Scan.
  • A report compiled for your business regarding its PCI Compliance issues and what it needs to do to become PCI Compliant.
  • All totaled, this is a suite of services with a $100 value that you get for free.

And finally we’ve gotten great results from the program. For our current merchants who wish to roll up their sleeves and get into the process with us step-by-step, they can go to their TRUPCI assistant.


Additional Resources 

If you choose to process with HMS, we will also walk you through the entire procedure step by step, making PCI Compliance an easy and hassle free operation for you.

Host Merchant Services knows that your business needs secure transactions to function. And we’re here to make the process of PCI Compliance easy, understandable and consistent for you each year.

In House Gateway

We’ve also been pushing our custom designed E-Commerce packages. And part of that offer includes the in-house payment gateway that lets you run your transactions completely online.

Host Merchant Services Online Shopping E-Commerce Credit Card Payment Processing Image.

To access the Host Merchant Services in-house Payment Gateway:


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