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Posted: April 30, 2012 | Updated: November 16, 2020

One constant struggle that we’ve seen with our customers is the ability to perform credit card transactions on their website.  While there are plenty of credit card processing companies in the market, it always seems like you need a degree in finance in order to understand all the fees involved, not to mention the plethora of documentation to go through.

Host Merchant Services Partner VexxHost LogoIt may also seem that a lot of the times, the credit card providers’ interests are not aligned with those of the merchant.  While a business has to operate with the interest of making profits through offering a service, however, it is important to draw the line and understand the limit of what a company should charge for to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

As a company, we were extremely happy to partner and work with Host Merchant Services.  When we were initially approached and presented with the opportunity that Host Merchant Services presents for their customers, it was undeniable that HMS works with their customer’s best interests.

All of our existing and new web hosting customers are now eligible for a $75 voucher that will cover their credit card processing fees, which means that all of VEXXHOST customers can now get started and offer payments via credit card either on their online e-commerce website or even in their store, as Host Merchant Services is not limited to online credit card processing.

From small things like having no contracts or any hidden fees up to the important details such as a locked-in lifetime rate that will never change and free equipment (such as terminals and supplies) for customers that do offline credit card processing. Host Merchant Services always goes to make sure that the customer is getting the best treatment they can possibly get.

We really hope that this partnership is equally beneficial, allowing our customers to leverage HostMerchantServices to process their credit cards online, if not start offering it now.  VEXXHOST customers can get started by simply clicking the “Merchant Account” icon from their cPanel control panel to get started!

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